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The Fast Rising Tinder Community and Other Interesting Facts About Tinder

Tinder is the hottest app right now for those who are searching for potential partners online. Many have found this an amazing way too meet other singles. With this tool, you can easily find potential matches near you. What tinder does is to use your facebook account to gather basic information about you. Then your social graph will be analyzed and matched to other candidates who may be compatible to you. You can then check out the people who will be matched to you, when you find one you like, you can begin communicating with them.


More Tinder Users Worldwide

As of the moment, there are already 50 million users of the app, and it is already available in 24 languages. The leading users are from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark and Ireland. These countries are constantly leading in daily, weekly, and monthly number of users. Though Ireland is such a small place, it has almost 200,000 users and most of these users are actively using the dating site. Find inspiration for here.

How Active Are The Tinder Users?

It has been reported that as of March 2015, there are more than 21 million matches made by this dating app in just one day. There are more than 500,000 swipes being made on tinder every minute. The people behind tinder are projecting a rise of 35 to 40 million active users by June 2015. They have also found a way to eliminate the fake accounts on the website, giving more security to the whole Tinder community.


How Men and Women Use The Tinder “Like” Swipe

According to online research conducted February 2015, men are still more active in swiping the “like” button than the women. It still hasn’t changed. Women still have a more difficult time hitting the “like” button. Men are found to be thrice more active in hitting the right “like” button than the women, at an average of 46%. Women on the other hand only hit the right “like” button 14% each time they use it. To think, women use Tinder an average of 8 minutes and 30 seconds each time they log into the app, while men only spend an average of 7 minutes per log-in session.

Men’s Grooming Affect Their Likes

An advice to men who shave completely, you might want to change that habit if you are active on Tinder. It seems that women are more enamored to men with groomed facial hair. They tend to swipe right more often, at 74% to men whose pictures have facial hair that has been well groomed. Thos who don’t have facial hair only receive 37% likes.

How Your Distance Affects Your Tinder Hook-ups

Your distance from the other Tinder user affects the possibility of you dating that cute guy or girl. If you are within 1 mile from the other user, your chances of dating that person is 54%. If you are 2 miles away from that person, your chances of dating drops to 27%, being 4 miles away means 13.5% chances while being 8 miles away means having only 6.75% chances of dating that person.

Most Popular

Apparently, the most popular pick up lines on tinder are the ones that are normally used when men talk to women. Phrases such as “Hey Cutie” “What’s up?” “How are you?” “Hey, what’s your name?” “What are you doing?” are read 80% of the time. However, women find this boring. They would rather be with men who will give them a compliment on their looks, or say something neat about their profile, and strike up a really meaningful conversation that could actually lead to a date someday.