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A few years ago Garcinia Cambogia became quite the rage in the diet and health arena in Italy, as it has been credited with considerable weight loss by simply taking supplements that contain the substance.

Garcinia cambogia is a melon like fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India. The locals have used the food for centuries as a seasoning and for large meals so that people won’t eat so much.


The supplement has somewhat the same effect in that it does work as an appetite suppressant because it contains a substance that is called hydroxycitric acid which blocks an enzyme that stimulates the hunger urge in us all. This does work because if we are not as hungry, we simply will not eat as much, thus we will lose weight. This is certainly a great start, but this is not the end of the advantage of this fruit.

Garcinia cambogia is also a fat burner, meaning that instead of letting the fat that we eat enter the digestive system and then be stored in fat cells, the garcinia cambogia metabolizes the fat into energy prior to it being full digested. This cuts down on the storage of fat, but there is even more. It will also go into already stored fat and burn it as well, thus it helps to take off the pounds.


The Garcinia Cambogia craze began several years ago when Dr. Oz emphasized it on his television show. He explained all of the benefits and attributes of the substance, and then he announced that he had commissioned a proprietary study to determine if the product really worked, and the results were in that it had worked very well.

This started a demand for the product that has not ended even unto this day. As more and more people began to use the product with great success, there were many private companies who began to put the product on the market, and soon there was a world-wide boom.

Not just Italy but all of EU

Of course, there were the detractors who said that the product was really not all that it was cracked up to be, but it is impossible to totally fool the public, especially people who had actually used the product and who have had a good experience with the product.

It really boiled down to the fact that the Garcinia Cambogia substance reacted differently to different kinds of people. Some people experience very good results, whereas others did not experience much of a difference at all. Part of the differences were due to different concentrations of the garcinia cambogia in the tablets, and because of different physical makeups of people’s physical capabilities.

The product worked well enough that to this date, millions and millions of dollars of supplements have been sold over and over again to people all over the world, with most people having positive results with it.

This sort of result is going to basically be true with just about any product, and to this date the conclusion would have to be that Garcinia Cambogia is just as successful as Dr. Oz said it would be.


One of the largest problems that many developed countries face is an epidemic of people that are obese. This tends to be more problematic where people have consistent access to food, especially regions of the world where sugar is readily available. If you are living in the United States, for example, you know that obesity is on the rise. It is so easy to go to a local coffee shop, get your pastries with your sugar and cream filled coffee beverage, things that can contribute to the horrible obesity statistics in America. Another country that is making headlines is Germany, specifically in regard to statistics related to obesity. Let’s take a look at what the current statistics are, and whether or not these are representative of something that is good or bad.

Obesity In Germany

One of the most disconcerting health issues in the country of Germany is the increase in obese people. In fact, it is so bad that the federal government of this country has stated that it has become a serious issue. Although certain magazines have only ranked Germany in the top 50 of the world’s fattest countries, statistics have shown that over 60% of all Germans are either obese or grossly overweight. Of the 40% that are not obese, only 14% of those are actually healthy. In regard to all of the countries in Europe, Germany ranks number one for the most obese people.

Is This A Recent Trend?

If you take a look at the trend of obesity in Germany, it is actually a very recent problem that has seemingly come out of nowhere. Back in the 1990s, only 22% of women were considered to be obese, and before that, it was even less. Studies were done on children back in the 1980s, and at the end of the study at the turn of the millennia, childhood obesity had doubled. Over 1 million children alone in Germany fall under the category of obese. So what has caused this trend that is seemingly affecting men, women and children all throughout this country? It has to do with an increased amount of consumption of fatty foods, beer, and a lack of physical activity. There is also a definite lack of any type of Mediterranean diet, one that is full of fiber. Additionally, genetics play a large role in how obese the people have become, with some studies identifying a couple different genes that actually are directly responsible for adipose cell accumulation that is on the rise with the new diet pill called raspberry ketone.

What Role Does Their Lifestyle Play?

Other statistics have hinted up the possibility that lifestyle choices are actually contributing to the problem. It could be that technology is playing a role in why children have become more obese, specifically because more of them are watching more television, playing video games, and not going outside to get exercise. Stress could also be a contributing factor because it leads to the production of cortisol. Studies have shown that this steroid hormone is actually one of the worst that you can have in your body for maintaining proper health, and one of the side effects of too much cortisol is obesity.

Resolving The Issue Of Obesity In Germany

Now that these studies have come out, it is clear that there is a definite problem. The studies have made people aware of how obesity is becoming more prominent in Germany, and now they can do something about it. It could be as simple as getting more exercise, telling your kids to go out and play, and cutting back on some of the foods that are so common in this country. Many of the most delicious German meals incorporate large portions of potatoes and gravy, both of which can contribute to obesity rising. Instead, more vegetables should be added to meals, and fewer carbohydrates should be consumed. This is advice that can be given to any person, regardless of where they live, and it will help people start to slim down once these simple lifestyle changes are implemented.


When it comes to losing weight, it’s important to understand what the actual trends are. It’s easy to presume that you’re particularly obese, but that may not actually be the case. It doesn’t help that the United States creates a huge amount of the entertainment media throughout the entire world, which means that many different opinions and statistics on things like obesity and health are based on U.S. information.

netherlands WHO report

Yet the simple truth is that just because something is true in the United States doesn’t actually mean that it’s true for the entire world. For example, you may want to know what the statistics on obesity are in other areas of the world. Such as wanting to know the statistics on obesity in the Netherlands. This can be quite difficult, especially when much of the information that gets disseminated throughout the world is based on information from the United States.

So how can one go about finding the statistics on obesity in the Netherlands? Luckily, there are some easy things that one can do to find a bit of information. It does take a bit of extra legwork, going out of one’s way to find the information. But it’s not so much that finding this information is difficult as it is that one has to actually make sure that they’re doing the research. Still, as long as one is willing to do that research, one can often find the information they need without too much trouble in the long run.

The first and easiest thing to do is to head to the internet. The internet offers a huge amount of information, all ready and waiting there at your fingertips. So all one really has to do is head to Google or Bing, and type in certain keyword searches. The simplest keyword search is “statistics on obesity in the Netherlands”. That will provide a huge amount of information, and one can certainly find a huge amount of information just by doing that. If one is not looking for a particularly in depth and detailed amount of information, that may be all that they have to do.

However, if one is looking for more information than just what they can find from an internet search, there are a few more options that one can take. It’s entirely possible that local clinics and hospitals will have the information that one is seeking, when one is looking for statistics on obesity in the Netherlands. This means that if you’re looking for that, you can always try calling your local hospital. They may not be able to give you the exact information you want, but they can often point you in the right direction. Raspberry ketone can help you quite a bit with your weight loss .

If that doesn’t help, you can always get in contact with your local government agency. These agencies are often supposed to keep track of the different organizations that can help a person find this information. By calling the agency, and then following up on the information that they give you, you can generally get a really good idea of the information you’re trying to find. This is not just the statistics on obesity in the Netherlands, but all manner of different health and safety facts. This is great information to have, over all.

Ultimately, finding the statistics on obesity in the Netherlands is a matter of being willing to do the research. It may seem difficult and tedious, but as long as you’re willing to put in the work and be a bit patient, you can find the information that you’re looking for.


Obesity has become a huge concern in the United States. There are millions of people in the country, both young and old, who are overweight, obese or on the verge of getting there based on their weight. The statistics prove just how problematic this condition is for different people.

One out of three adults is obese. Unfortunately, two out of three are overweight, which means that they could be headed towards obesity in the near future. This is not just a huge problem for adults, but also for young children too. Over 16 percent of children in the country are suffering from obesity.

obesity stats

A person who suffers from this type of condition likely ends up with additional medical problems in the future. Such medical problems would include heart disease, heart attacks and sleep apnea. Many people who are severely overweight have trouble sleeping and tend to snore loudly, which may be disruptive to others in the household.

One of the main forms of treatment for obesity is exercise. It is believed that most children would be able to avoid dealing with such severe weight issues if they are encouraged to stay active and eat healthy. Parents have to be willing to change their child’s diet if they want to help their little one lose weight.

The same thing goes for the adults. The best way for them to lose weight is to monitor calorie consumption, make better choices when eating and exercise often. Some may say that they do not have enough time to prepare a healthy meal or exercise, but there are ways around it.

For example, there are now lots of meal planning suggestions for those who are pressed for time. An individual who wants to lose weight could begin prepping their food ahead of time so that they only have to do the cooking and setting up once a week.

Fitness and exercise

As for exercise, even a 15 minute workout counts. Those who put up excuses may not believe in themselves and may have low self-esteem because of their weight issues. Meeting with a nutritionist and personal trainer would likely be the best way for them to get started so that they can drop the pounds.

how-fat-is-your-country-chart-11Some people believe that obesity is genetic. However, they can break the cycle, even if all of their family members are overweight. It will require lots of determination, especially for older individuals who have spent most of their lives eating unhealthy food.

When it comes down to preventing obesity, it is important to start at a young age. Children should be introduced to lots of healthy foods.

Junk food should be avoided as much as possible. They should also get involved in lots of different physical activities so that they are not always sitting inside the home while playing on electronic devices.

Obesity is certainly a main concern, but there are ways to prevent it like diet, fitness and slankepiller. Those who are currently overweight can start making the changes in their lives to reach goals and become healthy. Once they start to lose weight, the medical problems they suffered from may begin to subside too.

Marriage and Divorce

Tinder is the hottest app right now for those who are searching for potential partners online. Many have found this an amazing way too meet other singles. With this tool, you can easily find potential matches near you. What tinder does is to use your facebook account to gather basic information about you. Then your social graph will be analyzed and matched to other candidates who may be compatible to you. You can then check out the people who will be matched to you, when you find one you like, you can begin communicating with them.


More Tinder Users Worldwide

As of the moment, there are already 50 million users of the app, and it is already available in 24 languages. The leading users are from Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark and Ireland. These countries are constantly leading in daily, weekly, and monthly number of users. Though Ireland is such a small place, it has almost 200,000 users and most of these users are actively using the dating site. Find inspiration for funny tinder lines here.

How Active Are The Tinder Users?

It has been reported that as of March 2015, there are more than 21 million matches made by this dating app in just one day. There are more than 500,000 swipes being made on tinder every minute. The people behind tinder are projecting a rise of 35 to 40 million active users by June 2015. They have also found a way to eliminate the fake accounts on the website, giving more security to the whole Tinder community.


How Men and Women Use The Tinder “Like” Swipe

According to online research conducted February 2015, men are still more active in swiping the “like” button than the women. It still hasn’t changed. Women still have a more difficult time hitting the “like” button. Men are found to be thrice more active in hitting the right “like” button than the women, at an average of 46%. Women on the other hand only hit the right “like” button 14% each time they use it. To think, women use Tinder an average of 8 minutes and 30 seconds each time they log into the app, while men only spend an average of 7 minutes per log-in session.

Men’s Grooming Affect Their Likes

An advice to men who shave completely, you might want to change that habit if you are active on Tinder. It seems that women are more enamored to men with groomed facial hair. They tend to swipe right more often, at 74% to men whose pictures have facial hair that has been well groomed. Thos who don’t have facial hair only receive 37% likes.

How Your Distance Affects Your Tinder Hook-ups

Your distance from the other Tinder user affects the possibility of you dating that cute guy or girl. If you are within 1 mile from the other user, your chances of dating that person is 54%. If you are 2 miles away from that person, your chances of dating drops to 27%, being 4 miles away means 13.5% chances while being 8 miles away means having only 6.75% chances of dating that person.

Most Popular Tinder Pick Up Lines

Apparently, the most popular pick up lines on tinder are the ones that are normally used when men talk to women. Phrases such as “Hey Cutie” “What’s up?” “How are you?” “Hey, what’s your name?” “What are you doing?” are read 80% of the time. However, women find this boring. They would rather be with men who will give them a compliment on their looks, or say something neat about their profile, and strike up a really meaningful conversation that could actually lead to a date someday.


Approximately 60% of Americans are obese that’s 1 in 3 adults. You are considered overweight if you have extra weight that could come from water, muscle, bone, and fat. You are considered obese if you have too much body fat. Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to calculate overweight or obesity. A BMI up to 24.9 normal weight and a BMI of 40 + is thought to be morbidly obese. You can find BMI charts and directions at http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm.

Diet or supplements

An off balance of energy and calories consumed is a big cause why people to have problems with their weight. There are other things to consider when thinking about your weight. Some of them are where you live, your eating habits, your attitude and emotions, also genes. All of these things can blend together to create a weight problem. When you are considering weight loss make sure to keep in mind all the things that can trigger you to eat. By controlling some of those triggers you can make your weight loss easier. Seek out professional help like a dietician or a counselor both these specialist can be very helpful when deciding what is the best route for you to take. If you choose diet pills there are several benefits but also some downsides.

When taking diet pills you can prevent the downsides but going for natural products that has not shown many side effects. The most popular product is Garcinia Cambogia where the effect of the weight loss has been debated but no serious side effects are found.
Obesity can be controlled with the help of medications and diets but those are like putting a band aide on a broken leg. Most people who are obese can lose some weight but then go backwards and regain the weight they lost and more. Controlling weight needs to be something you do on a daily basis. Finding out what habits you have formed around food can be very interesting. If you can tweak those habits that are causing you to eat just because and not because you need to you will be on your way to a healthier weight. Drinking lots of water throughout your day is a good way to keep you from feeling hungry and water is very, very good for your body.

weight loss infographic

Increase in interest about healthy eating

Good eating habits and exercise are key elements in losing weight no matter if you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds. You should work toward a healthy weight not your ideal weight. This process will be more successful if you set small goals. When you take time to consult with professionals your weight loss will be better maintained. If you can sustain a small weight loss of 5% – 10% the side effects are tremendous. Just that small percentage of weight can lower your blood pressure, chances of diabetes, and keeps your heart healthier. The best diet for weight loss and a healthy heart is LCHF (low carb high fat).
The statistics for successful weight loss for obese people are not very encouraging. However, if you can just begin with a small step maybe eating a piece of fruit instead of one sugary snack each day you will change that habit. Then instead of keeping the TV on turn it off right after you show, get up and walk around your house while drinking a glass of water. Another habit changed and a good habit started.


Marriage and Divorce

A Look At The Statistics Of Online Dating
Did you know that more than a third of most EU successful marriages begin with online dating? A U.S study found out that those couples who met through online platforms are slightly happier compared with those couples who met through various other means. Indeed, the statistics are quite inspiring.


General public attitudes towards online way of dating have recently become much more positive. Apparently, social networking sites are now playing a very prominent role when it comes to documenting and navigating the romantic relationships.

Although these studies did not determine the key reasons why a good percentage of the relationships that begun online were much more successful, the reason may include the following:
– Strong motivation of the online daters
– Availability of advanced screening
– Massive volumes of the opportunities online


The following key statistics are among the findings of a national survey of dating and public relationships in the digital era. The first dedicated research of this subject was done by the Pew Research Center’s Internet project since the year 2005. These statistics are as follows:

  • 1. 11% of the American adults and 38 per cent of those Americans who are single and probably looking for a partner have used various online platforms or mobile dating apps to look for a partner.
  • One in every 10 American adult has certainly used mobile dating apps. Throughout these findings, we refer to these individuals as ”online daters”, and they are defined in the following way:
  • 11% of the total internet users say that they have personally used mobile dating apps or internet dating sites such as Match.com, OK cupid, or eHarmony to find a perfect match.
  • More than 7% of mobile app users (representing 3% of the total adults) say that they have used various dating apps in their cell phones.

When combined together, the research found out that about 11% of all the western adults have certainly done one or both of these activities. Thus, they are classified as ”online daters”.

In terms of demographics, online means of dating is very common among Americans, especially in their mid-20s through to mid-40s. Some 22 per cent of 24-34 years old and the 17 per cent of 35-44 years old are online daters. Among the college students as well as urban and sub-urban residents, online means of dating is relatively popular. Almost 10% of Europeans and Americans use foreign dating as a way to find a wife. Especially Russian Brides have been popular with asian dating as close second.

In addition, the study proved and documented that more than 38 per cent of the total American residents who are single and are probably looking for a date have certainly used the online way of dating at one pint of their lives or another.

2. 60% of the total online daters have absolutely gone on a date with a person they met through various dating sites. 23 per cent of online daters say that they have met a perfect spouse or are in long term relationships with someone they met through mobile dating sites.


Attitudes towards online dating

The attitudes of various people towards online dating are becoming more and more positive every day. Even as we speak, internet dating is not universally seen as a positive activity- a significant minority group of the public views internet dating skeptically. At the same time, the public attitudes towards online dating have certainly grown more positive in the last few years.

  • 59% of all internet users agree that online dating is an incredible way to meet people. This is a 15-point increase from the 44% of the people who agreed with this statement in 2005.
  • 53% of the total internet users agree that online dating lets people to find a better match for themselves because through the internet, they can certainly get to know a lot more people. This a 60 point increase from the 47% of the people who agreed with this statement in 2005.
  • 21% of the total internet users agree that people who use the internet way of dating are certainly desperate. This is an 8-point decline from the 29 per cent of people who agreed with this statement in 2005.

In general, online daters themselves tend to give themselves significant marks. Some 79% of the American online daters agree that online means of dating is a perfect way to meet several people, while 70% of these people agree that online means of dating helps them in finding a perfect match because they have a wide range of potential partners.